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People say ‘ life is what, you make it ‘ but we say “Life is what, you bake it “

This small baking business started in June 2022 with loads of passion for baking.

Initially we started with baking buns like filled buns, paneer pockets, cream buns, donuts and so on..

As it’s rightly said, one mile at a time. We slowly got orders for celebration cakes and soon customized cakes.

To take it further we registered our business in FSSAI and successfully completed one year of our journey and a lot more to go.

Samyuktha Vinod – Founder & Baker


I am passionate about Baking with a year of experience. My expertise lies in “FINE BAKING”. I am dedicated to delivering creative delicious treats.


I hold a Master’s in Business Administration, PG Diploma in Entrepreneur development & certificate course in craft baking. I often have a deep passion for baking and enjoy the process of creating delicious treats from scratch. I take pride in the craft and constantly explore new recipes, techniques, and flavours to enhance my skills


  • Baking Techniques
  • Ingredient Knowledge
  • Recipe Development and Adaptation
  • Decoration and Presentation

Key Achievements:

  • Customized cakes for all occasions
  • Bulk order management

Contact Information:

You can reach me at or connect with me on

I am open to collaborate and look forward to discuss how I can contribute to your project or organization.


Our Vision:

“To be people’s choice for their celebration. Being a part of our customer’s celebration”.

Our Mission:

We at, The Batter Bakester thrive to:

  • Produce, distribute and sell affordable cakes and bakery products 
  • Yet no compromises on the quality of cakes and bakery products.
  • Timely delivery of our products to ensure their celebration goes well.
  • To research and produce new varieties according to the trend. 
  • Thus create joyful and happy moments in people’s lives.
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